Technical Paper

Authors: D. O. Mackey, G. P. Blair, R. Fleck
Title: Correlation of Simulated and Measured Noise Emissions and Unsteady Gas Dynamic Flow from Engine Ducting
Date: August 1996
Published: SAE Off-Highway Meeting - Indianapolis, Indiana - SAE 961806

One-dimensional (1-D) unsteady gas dynamic models of a number of common muffler (or silencer) elements have been incorporated into a1-D simulation code to predict the impact of the muffler on the gas dynamics within the overall system and the radiated Sound Pressure Level (SPL) noise spectrum in free-space.

Correlation with measured data has been achieved using a Single-Pulse rig for detailed unsteady gas dynamic analysis and a Rotary-Valve rig in conjunction with an anechoic chamber for noise spectra analysis. The results obtained show good agreement both gas dynamically and acoustically. The incorporation of these models into a full 1-D engine simulation code should facilitate the rapid assessment of various muffler designs prior to prototype manufacture and testing.

You may obtain a copy of this paper at the SAE International website.

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