Technical Paper

Author: Gordon P. Blair
Title: Design and Simulation of Two-Stroke Engines
Date: February 1996
Published: SAE R-161, ISBN 1-56091-685-0

SAE originally published author Gordon Blair's The Basic Design of Two-Stroke Engines in 1990. Since that time, Professor Blair has developed substantive new theories related to the two-stroke engine. His work has been so extensive in this area that it became necessary to publish a greatly expanded book on the topic. The changes were such that the book could not merely be called a "second edition".

Design and Simulation of Two-Stroke Engines discusses principles of automotive design which are specific to this engine type. The book includes new theory, which the author has developed, that has not been published before, particularly in relation to two-stroke engines, including: unsteady gas flow in engine ducting; scavenging flow within the cylinder; two-zone combustion to compute exhaust emissions; computation of intake and exhaust sound pressure levels; discharge coefficients or ports and valves. Design and Simulation of Two-Stroke Engines is a unique hands-on information source. The author, having designed and developed many two-stroke engines, offers practical and empirical assistance to the engine designer on an array of topics ranging from porting layout, to combustion chamber profile, to tuned exhaust pipes. The information presented extends from the most fundamental theory to pragmatic design, development, and experimental testing issues.

Chapters cover: Introduction to the Two-Stroke Engine; Gas Flow through Two-Stroke Engines; Scavenging the Two-Stroke Engine; Combustion in Two-Stroke Engines; Computer Modeling of Engines; Empirical Assistance for the Designer; Reduction of Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions; and Reduction of Noise Emission from Two-Stroke Engines

Design and Simulation of Two-Stroke Engines explains in great detail the theoretical fundamentals, as newly developed by the author, of unsteady gas flow, combustion, and scavenging. This has resulted in two engine simulation models and a set of computer software programs which are described and demonstrated in the book. The models are sold separately, and the book is available with or without the companion set of software programs.

About the Author
A world-renowned expert on the two-stroke cycle engine, Dr. Gordon P. Blair is currently Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Queen's University of Belfast. Professor Blair has served the University as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. In addition to his teaching and research work at the University. Professor Blair has been a consultant for many well-known companies such as Ford, General Motors, Mercury Marine, Volvo, and Yamaha. He has been named a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and the Royal Academy of Engineering. Professor Blair has been recognized by Her Majesty The Queen by the award of a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire).

You may obtain a copy of this paper at the SAE International website.

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