Virtual Data Acquisition (VDAQ) allows the you to define sensors and actuators throughout the engine model and record the values of each via a user configurable data acquisition component. You have the ability to:

  • Place a sensor in any existing engine component.
  • Select the value to monitor (input and calculated values are available).
  • Assign a VDAQ channel to monitor and record the value at a suitable frequency.

Available sensor and actuator types are dependent on engine component and location, allowing almost any value in the Virtual Engines model to be recorded. For example, you may record ignition advance or piston motion as well as calculated values such as pressure, temperature and gas composition.

VDAQ Preparer Graphic

VDAQ data is stored with in a manner similar to other Virtual Engines result data, allowing quick and easy reporting and plotting through advanced post-processing applications such as Analyze, Animate, and Run Status.

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