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For nearly a decade, OPTIMUM Power Technology has performed cutting edge research and development for the gas pipeline industry working closely with the Gas Machinery Research Council (GMRC), the El Paso Corporation and ACI Services.  Our affiliate company, OPTIMUM PUMPING Technology uses our unique, state-of-the-art reciprocating compressor and engine simulation software to propel the gas industry into a new systems engineering paradigm.  Together, we are leading the charge to use optimized model-based design to solve the difficult 21st century problems facing the natural gas industry.

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New to the market in 2011, Virtual Pumping Station has been developed to allow engineers to design and optimize complete pipeline pumping stations as one integrated system.  Everything (all piping, scrubbers, bottles and compressor, etc.) from the pipeline suction main to the pipeline discharge main is included in the model.  Engineers can use Automated Design and the Network Supercomputer or the Design Optimizing Expert System (DOES) to minimize pulsation and vibrations and/or maximize flow and efficiencies to meet all of the pumping stations' operating requirements.  Click here for more information.

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Performance Augmentation Networks or PAN technology (patent pending) has been developed jointly by OPTIMUM PUMPING and ACI Services to provide a far better solution than bottles for pulsation control.  They provide excellent pulsation and vibration reduction without pressure loss and can improve the compressor's adiabatic pumping efficiency by 10-30%.  Click here for more information.

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Virtual 4-Stroke is the only 1D unsteady gas dynamic engine modelling system.  All design information is structured by project and saved in a knowledgebase.  It has an intuitive GUI design interface and it can predict engine performance for analysis or design. Virtual 4-Stroke is the perfect combination of accuracy and speed making it an essential design tool.  Engineers can use our Automated Design and the Network Supercomputer or the Design Optimizing Expert System (DOES) to create engines that meet all of their power and emission requirements.   Click here for more information.

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Virtual 2-Stroke uses the same design interface, knowledgebase and underlying 1D gas dynamics engine modeling system as Virtual 4-Stroke.   Click here for more information.

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OPTIMUM has a staff of highly trained engineers to assist you with your engineering projects.  For engine design, whether its a blank sheet design or an update to an existing engine, contact us to discuss how OPT Consulting Services can help your organization.
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