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Virtual 2-Stroke is a powerful engine performance simulation software product for the Windows PC. It designs, simulates and optimizes engine geometry in an accurate, fast and user-friendly virtual environment. Some of the highlights are: Parametric design, Optimization, Virtual DAQ, Catalyst and MATLAB/Simulink. Other recent features include Turbocharger, Supercharger and Intercooler support; Co-simulation option with FLUENT; Transient pipe temperature analysis; Variable pipe length; Multi-user database and Dynamic valve motion.

Virtual Engines Information (PDF - 294K)
Product Information Sheets:
Multi-User Database Support (PDF - 41K)
Network Supercomputer (PDF - 318K)
Parametric Design (PDF - 577K)
Catalyst Module (PDF - 589K)
Turbocharger Module (PDF - 897K)
Supercharger Module (PDF - 732K)
Co-simulation with FLUENT (PDF - 150K)


MATLAB Interface (PDF - 317K)
VDAQ - Virtual Data Acquisition (PDF - 162K)
Technical Paper Listing
Virtual 2-Stroke PowerPoint Presentation
Virtual 2-Stroke Case Study
Product Updates

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VE-AD-NS graphic Take your simulation models to the next level with model-based optimization.

Automated Design and Network Supercomputer are tightly integrated additions to Virtual 2-Stroke, Virtual 4-Stroke and Virtual Pumping Station.

Automated Design provides multi-goal, multi-variable Design of Experiments automated optimization of your simulation models.

The Network Supercomputer adds a networked multi-user database and parallel processing of your optimizations to solve your design problems quickly and efficiently.
RAETECH uses OPTIMUM Power Technology software to help design the car that was awarded Progressive's XPrize grand prize winner!
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